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Evidence-based guidelines

Evidence-based care guidelines span the continuum of care, supporting clinical decisions and care planning, easing transitions between care settings, and facilitating conversations between providers and health plans.

MCG Health, part of Hearst Health, independently develops and produces evidence-based care guidelines and software that is used by more than 3,500 clients to help guide the right care at the right time that’s right for each individual. MCG produces guidelines that are personalized to the member, empowering clinicians to do the right thing for the member, every time. Milliman and MCG Health have partnered to bring the MCG solutions to the Middle East.

Evidence-based standards of medical necessity and best practice care are constantly evolving. Each year, MCG editors identify the most important clinical evidence and use it to refine and expand care guidance. They review and rank more than 174,000 references, with over 47,000 unique citations, to provide the most comprehensive clinical content in the healthcare industry. MCG’s transparent assessment of the latest research and scholarly articles – along with data analysis – arms health plans and payer organizations with the vetted information they need to achieve their goals.

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